How Can I Change My Name After Marriage in Canada?

Marriage changes many things in your life and change of name is one of them, if you choose so. It is an easy process but you need to know some important details. It is not a legal change of name, which is a complicated and costly process.  

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Am I Legally Allowed to Change My Name After Marriage In Canada?

Change of name after marriage is not legally required in Canada. Officially, your name on birth certificate (legal name) doesn’t change but if you are already married or going to be soon, you can assume a post-marriage name by taking your partner’s surname in place of yours or can have a combination of both, except in Quebec; where you are legally bound to keep your name on all official documents same as on birth certificate.

What Documents are Required to Change My Name After Marriage?

You need to take the marriage certificate along. It is not the same as marriage license or the solemnization of marriage; it is the legal paper of your marriage, that is mostly ordered from Vital Statistics in the province where the marriage took place (which is done by your officiate after the ceremony). If you still don’t have a marriage certificate, click here.

For any further requirements to change the name in different provinces of Canada and to acquire a marriage certificate, you need to visit the relevant provincial government website. Note that, it is the province where the marriage took place, even if you don’t reside there.

What Documents Need to Be Updated After Change of Name?

Though the process of changing the name post marriage is simple but if there are lots of places where you need to update your name, you need to do some paperwork.  It is your responsibility to contact relevant government departments and agencies to update all important government documents, such as:

  • Health card
  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • Social Insurance Number (SIN)
  • Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)


It is advised that you make a list of all documents and institutions you need to inform and see for any additional requirements.


Further, you also need to update all your IDs and cards related to your bank accounts, credit cards, insurance policies and online registrations etc.

Cost and Delivery

There is no cost of the official process for assuming a name after marriage. You will receive your updated documents by mail in 6 to 8 weeks.

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How can All-Canada Notary help?

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