Statutory Declaration, Swearing of Oaths & Affidavits

Statutory declaration is a written document of facts written down and attested to by the declarant before a notary public or oath commissioner. Examples include:

  • Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada Forms
    • IMM 0006E Application for Authorization and Statutory Declaration For Minor Child
    • IMM 0016E Application for Authorization and Statutory Declaration
    • IMM 5409E Statutory Declaration of Common Law Status
    • IMM 5646E Custodianship Declaration for Minor Studying in Canada
  • Identification & Government Documents, Government of Canada Forms
    • Statutory declarations for adult name and gender change applications
    • Statutory declarations regarding lost, stolen, or damaged passports
    • Statutory Declarations in Lieu of Guarantor for Passports (PPTC 132)
    • Statutory declarations confirming identity
    • Statutory declarations for Statement in Lieu of Certificate of Non-Impediment to Marriage Abroad
    • Statutory Declaration of Legal Marriage for Income Security Programs and the Canada Pension Plan
    • Statutory Declaration of Common Law Union for Income Security Programs and the Canada Pension Plan
  • Any other statutory declaration or affidavit for Marital Status, Professional Accreditation, etc.
    • Statutory declarations for Statements in Lieu of Certificate of Non-Impediment to Marriage Abroad
    • Statutory declarations or affidavits of marital status, including IMM 5409 E Statutory Declarations of Common Law Status and Statutory Declarations of Conjugal Relationships for Citizenship and Immigration Canada applications, separation and  Cmmon Law relationships, affidavits of single status
    • Statutory declarations regarding ownership of property
    • Statutory declarations for professional accreditation
    • Law Society of Ontario Lawyer Licensing Applications and Surrender of Licence to Practice Law Application
    • OSAP affidavits


Consent To Travel Letters

All the adults traveling outside the country with children below 18 years who are not their own, or if children traveling abroad alone, with a guardian, with friends or relatives require a travel consent letter. The consent letter must state that the person with whom he/she is traveling is/are their guardians (s).


Power Of Attorney

A power of attorney is a legal document that gives someone you trust the right to make financial or health care decisions for you. This trusted person does not have to be a lawyer to be your attorney.


Divorce/Separation Agreement

A separation agreement is a contract between two people who used to live together and are now living apart.


Certified True Copies (Only for In-person notarization). We cannot certify true copies of hard copy or printed documents online.

  • Certified Copies of Original Documents
  • Government-issued photo identification documents, like passports, driver’s licences, citizenship cards and permanent resident cards; and Government Forms
  • Marriage certificates, birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates and death certificates
  • Certified Copies of Court Order, Diplomas and degrees, academic transcripts, contracts and commercial agreements, letters and notes, Powers of Attorney, Probated Will.

Electronic Document Certification

We will certify the printout of a true copy of the electronic document where the original document can be found only online or in an email. Example a downloaded documents, like pay stubs, bank statements, utility bills, tax documents, receipts, invoices, employment letters, official transcripts, etc.


Drafting a Statutory Declaration, Consent to Travel Document, Affidavit 

Disclaimer: The Notary cannot give advice as to what documents will be sufficient for your purpose. If you are uncertain, it’s best to contact the institution that will be accepting your documents to determine what they require.