Client Checklist

In order for us to be able to offer you our quoted fees, we ask that you follow these instructions:


In-Person Notary Public

  • Bring a valid ID with photo and signature (ie. driver’s license, passport, or citizenship card);
  • Bring the photocopy and the original document(s) – the original must be presented to the Notary;
  • Photocopying multiple documents into a single page, by law, requires its own seal for each photocopied image. A multi-page document requires only one (1) seal and a fee for each seal is required. The Notary will seal the 1st page and affix signature stamps on the other pages;
  • All documents should be completed (except for the date and signature) prior to the appointment (fill in forms, enter ID numbers, attach photographs, if required, etc.);
  • Do NOT sign or date the documents before seeing the Notary. We cannot notarize or commission declarations unless the person signing the document appears before us.


Online Notarization

  • Do NOT sign or date documents before you meet the Notary
  • You must have a valid government-issued ID with your signature and photo
  • You can download your notarized document(s) from your account. Sealed and ink-signed hard copies of your document(s) will be mailed by the Notary to your mailing address upon request.