Statutory Declaration Marital Status | Marriage Abroad Declaration

The Statutory Declaration of Marital Status holds significant legal importance as it confirms an individual’s current relationship status. This document becomes essential when planning to marry or enter a civil partnership abroad. At All-Canada Notary, we offer efficient drafting and notarization services for your Statutory Declaration of Marital Status at an affordable rate, ensuring same-day service for your convenience.

statutory declaration marital status

Who Requires a Statutory Declaration of Marital Status?

Canadian citizens or residents intending to marry abroad may need to provide a Statutory Declaration of Single Status. This document serves as proof that the individual is not married or in a registered partnership at the time of applying for marriage or civil partnership. Requirements for this declaration can vary by country where the marriage will take place, so consulting the appropriate authorities or consulate is crucial to determine its necessity.

What information is typically included in a statutory declaration of marital status?

A Statutory Declaration of Single Status generally comprises personal details like full name, date of birth, address, and citizenship. It confirms your single status or provides details if you have been previously married, legally divorced, or widowed. Additional information may be necessary based on the requirements of the country where the marriage will occur.

Understanding the Validity Period of a Statutory Declaration of Single Status

When planning an international wedding, it’s essential to know how long your statutory declaration of single status remains valid. This critical document’s validity varies by destination, with some countries requiring it to be freshly issued, often within three months of your wedding date. To ensure a seamless experience, always verify the specific validity requirements for statutory declarations in your wedding’s country to maintain compliance and meet all legal standards.

Costs Associated with Securing a Statutory Declaration of Single Status

Securing a statutory declaration of single status comes with associated costs, tailored to provide flexible options for your convenience. Our notarization service is available for $32.95, offering both online and in-person options at our accessible offices. For comprehensive support, including document drafting and notarization by our expert Canadian lawyers, the total service is available for $79.00. Our personalized approach ensures your statutory declaration meets all specific requirements, with no reliance on generic templates. For those in need of prompt service, same-day options are available to accommodate your timeline.  For the same day service, please enter here.