When And Why Your Child Needs A Travel Consent Letter?

All adults traveling outside the country with children below 18 years who aren’t their own, or a child traveling abroad alone or with someone require a travel consent letter. The consent letter must state that the person with whom he/she is traveling is/are their guardians (s).

This rule also applies if the child is traveling with one biological parent or grandparents. The birth parents need to write the travel consent letter, which is the kid’s permission when with their guardians or grandparents.​

In this article, you will know about when and why your child requires the travel consent letter so desperately.


Why Is A Travel Consent Letter So Important For A Child?

The travel consent letter protects your child from many different adverse situations. It was proposed by keeping in mind the children’s rights act. There are many cases of parental abduction under custody cases recorded in the past years. Not just that, there is also an increase of children suffering from trafficking abductions.

Therefore, to suppress this scenario, the Canadian government implemented rules that no child can travel without their biological parents if they don’t have a travel consent letter by the parents themselves. It helped the country keep these child abduction cases low and is on a mission to eradicate it from the country.

There are many supporting documents and information that must be present in or with the travel consent letter. The letter consists of the child’s contact information, contact information of the parents. The travel arrangement of the child and destination where the child is heading is also needed.

You can seek help from law firms (Public Notary) to ensure that the travel consent letter is notarized. It means that the authorities will not question its validity or genuineness on the travel day. Hiring professionals is a better choice because they will take a look after the signing details and the policies that affect it.

Other documents needed along with the travel consent form for traveling with the kid outside the country are:

  1. A valid relationship proof.

  2. A valid passport.


When is A Travel Consent Letter Required?

There are certain conditions that requires the child to have a travel consent form to travel outside the country. Some of the conditions include:

  1. When children are traveling alone without a parent or a guardian.

  2. If a child is traveling with only one legal parent.

  3. When the child is traveling with a legal guardian.

  4. If the child is traveling with a group for a school or college outing.

These are some of the conditions where the minor child needs the travel consent letter. It is to notify the authorities that the child is heading outside a country with the legal parents’ consent. Without this letter, no children are allowed to go outside the country. The child must carry a copy of this letter with them at all times during their international trip.



Now, you must have a clear knowledge about why and when the travel consent letters are essential. It is essential not just for the safety of the kids but also for the parents. Parents can also be assured of their kids going with a known guardian or group of people for international trips or outings. It has helped the Canadian government suppress child abduction and other heinous crimes against kids.

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