What is Ontario Registration Identification Number (RIN)?

In order to register a new Registration Identification Number (RIN), one of the requirements is to Notarize a Statutory Declaration. Your Notary Public must verify your identity and the business documents, and affix a notary seal to your statutory declaration. All-Canada Notary can help you draft and commission your Statutory Declaration. 

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What is a RIN?

A RIN (Registrant Identification Number) is a 9-digit exclusive number that is your vehicles’ identity with the Ministry of Transportation, Ontario. A RIN registers your corporation/business in the motor vehicle registration system to allow you a permit and a license plate.

Who Needs a RIN?

Only corporate and business vehicles need a RIN. Like each human, each car on road needs a legal identification and authorization of the government of Canada. If your business owns or leases a vehicle in Ontario, you are required to abide by all vehicle registration regulations. All vehicles in Ontario must be registered and insured even before attaching the license plates. Personal car drivers have driving licenses but the vehicles registered in the name of corporations/businesses (sole proprietors and partnerships) need to create a Registrant Identification Number (RIN).


A RIN is an evidence that the corporation has duly authorized registration of the vehicle in the name of the business/corporation. For this purpose, the Ministry requires statutory declarations and affidavits, signed by the board of directors of the corporation/owners of businesses, as evidence that the directors/owners have provided their legal consent.

Why Do I Need a RIN?

  1. RIN is akin to individual driving licenses. Corporations/businesses cannot physically drive cars so the government of Ontario has created a system of RIN. The business-owned vehicles need to be registered against a RIN in their name.
  2. Businesses need vehicles for a variety of purposes and all type of vehicles owned by them must possess a RIN. In case of an accident, theft or misuse of any vehicle, this Registrant Identification Number provides the proof of identity.
  3. The green paper (the driving permit) and license plate stickers are only issued after getting a RIN.

What If My Business Is Not Incorporated? 

All three types of businesses – sole proprietorship, partnership and corporation are eligible for a RIN.

Do I Need Multiple RINS?

No, once created, a single RIN can be re-used to register multiple vehicles belonging to a business.

What If I Don’t Have a RIN?

In case of any accident, theft or any other illegal misuse, the charges are the same as not having a driving license. Not holding a RIN is the foremost legal offense. So, every business must hold a RIN to give them a legal cover and facilitate in case of any emergency.


To save you this hassle, we at All-Canada Notary assist you through a swift and easy process to obtain your RIN.

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How Can I Get a RIN?

To register a new RIN, follow these four easy steps:

  1. Prepare documents: The detailed list of the documents is given below.
  2. Prepare statutory declaration: A statutory declaration containing certain information will need to be prepared and sworn by you to be true.
  3. Notarize statutory declaration: Your statutory declaration will need to be notarized by an Ontario notary public. The notary public must verify your identity, verify the business documents, and affix a notary seal to your statutory declaration.
  4. Obtain RIN: Gather all of your documents and your notarized statutory declaration and attend at your nearest Service Ontario ( https://www.ontario.ca/page/serviceontario) or submit them to your car dealership.

Do I Need Notarized Documents to Get a RIN?

If you don’t have a RIN, request to create a new RIN for your corporation or business. For that, you need to provide specific pieces of evidence to the Ministry of Transportation, along with a statement sworn before a Notary Public.


The Notary Public must verify your identity, the documents of the corporation or business, and affix a Notarial Seal to your sworn statement.


All-Canada Notary can help you draft your sworn statement and assist you through the process to obtain a Notary seal. We offer both – the online as well as in-person services. 


For online notarization, you appear in front of a Notary Public by video conference to swear for the statement and a Notarial Seal is affixed. After the video conference, an electronic version (Adobe PDF) of the notarized sworn statement is available to you immediately by email, and a paper version is delivered to you by Canada Post, if requested. 


For in-person consultation and notarization, kindly visit your nearest All-Canada Notary office. All-Canada Notary is available to you through-out Ontario.


The drafting as well as the notarization of documents can be completed in a single business day. Book your appointment here as per your availability.

What is a Sworn Statement?

 Your RIN Request Letter/ Application is your Sworn Statement. The general/approved format of the statement is as follows. It includes:


  1. Person’s First and Last Names: The name indicated must be of someone with signing authority within the corporation or business.
  2. Email Address
  3. Type of Business Entity 
  4. The Name of the Corporation or Business: This is the name on the Articles of Incorporation or the Master Business License.
  5. Person’s Position Within the Corporation or Business 
  6. The Registered Address of the Corporation or Business 
  7. The First Proof of the Name and Registered Address of the Corporation or Business 
  8. The Second Proof of the Name and Registered Address of the Corporation or Business 


(For both, number 7 and 8, the address must match the address on the Articles of Incorporation, Articles of Amendment, Change of Registered Address document, or Master Business License).


Once this request letter is drafted, you must then book an appointment with the notary public. It is important to know that do not sign the sworn statement until you are in front of the Notary Public by video conference or personally present in our office.

Which Documents Do I Need To Obtain a RIN?

In order to prepare a declaration or affidavit to register a vehicle under a company, we require the following information:


  1. The Articles of Incorporation of your corporation or the Business Name Registration of your partnership or the Master Business License of your sole proprietorship, containing the name and the registered address of your corporation or business.
  2. The Ministry also requires two pieces of official mail, such as a corporate tax filing, utility bill, or lease agreement, which must also contain the name and registered address of the corporation or business.
  3. Whether the business or corporation is an Ontario, Federal or other provincial corporation, sole proprietor or partnership.
  4. The incorporation number.
  5. The full legal names of each director, or the director with signing authority for the corporation or business.
  6. Phone number of the corporation or business


You may also submit these documents to your car dealership for the acquisition of the RIN on your behalf.


It is usually recommended for the clients to bring in the Corporation Profile Report or Articles of Incorporation (or master business license if a partnership or sole proprietor) for handy reference to important information.


Sometimes, clients bring in their own affidavits or declarations to be notarized. Here, in notarizing or commissioning the document, we do not verify the contents of the document. The director(s) signing the document declare/ swear or affirm that the information in the document holds true.

How to Find a Nearest RIN Service?

A RIN can be obtained by going to your nearest Service Ontario location with the appropriate documentation. Alternatively, if you are purchasing a vehicle, your car dealership should be able to help you register a new RIN.

All-Canada Notary is here to happily assist and help you with your notarization needs. We have a curated team of friendly professionals who will make sure your needs are met.