OSAP Website: Forgot Password and/or OSAP Access Number (OAN) Form

OSAP Access Number (OAN) Form

It could be exasperating and annoying if you could not remember your OSAP Access Number or the password to access the OSAP site. This article will educate you on the information you need as well as how All-Canada Notary can help you to recover your OSAP Access Number and/or password. Notwithstanding the guide that will be provided in this article, we implore you to check the OSAP website for more information.  

What is OSAP?

OSAP represents Ontario Student Assistance Program, and it renders financial assistance services for students in colleges and universities in the form of grants and loans. The financial help covers the payment for tuition, books, equipment, fees charged by your college or university, living costs for full-time students, and child care. It is pertinent to mention that OSAP is only open to students who are Canadian Citizens, permanent residents, and people who fall within the protected person’s bracket.

Forgot Password and/or OSAP Access Number (OAN) Form

As an applicant or one who has applied but forgot his/her password and/or OSAP Access Number, you cannot retrieve these details without a signed notarized form. This form can be completed remotely via video conference or through in-person validation. Please note that notwithstanding the electronic validation, you are mandated to show your proof of Social Insurance Number during the video conference and you can use any of these documents; SIN Card, a document containing your SIN, or a letter from Service Canada that has your SIN as proof. Also, you need a one-piece government-issued photo ID (passport, permanent resident card, driver’s license).

What information is required to complete an OSAP password and OAN form?

  • Social Insurance Number (SIN)
  • Name (first and last)
  • Mailing Address (Street number, name, rural route, or post office box)
  • Area code or telephone number
  • Country
  • Province or State
  • Postal/zip code

What to do after completing the form

After completing the form, you will send the completed form to the Student Financial Assistance Branch, Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development, Ontario. After your request has been processed and approved, mail(s) will be sent which contains your temporal password and/or OSAP OAN if you specified you forgot both your password and OAN. Additionally, should you have any questions OSAP runs an inquiry telephone service which is available Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM (Eastern Standard Time).

How can All-Canada Notary help you?

At All-Canada Notary, we are devoted to alleviating your stress and ensuring a smooth recovery of your OSAP password and/or OAN. It is important to reiterate that when you book an appointment to notarize your form, you must furnish All-Canada Notary with evidence of your SIN and government-issued ID during the video call.